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You'll find the perfect companion at MVP Escorts. We employ gorgeous fun-loving people. Our services are available 24 hours a day. Call today!


Is a beautiful natural blonde that likes to play with her hair color and style, but her looks are always worthy to see. She’s kind, beautiful and well-mannered. She will never take down, with her uplift spirit she will make shine even the darkest of your day. She is 5’ 9” 150 Lb. Call 646-838-0411 for booking availability.


Elegance, class and a hot-sexy killer slim Latina, petite body that will turn head upside upside-down. Kelly likes to talk and make new friends all the time, she is skilled in the art of PR and knows how to have (and make others have) fun! She the kind of person you will never forget. She is 4’ 8” 115 Lb. There’s nobody like her!! Call to book her today 646-838-0411.


The spicy and delicious Latin flavor will allure you to her charming smile and gorgeous body. “Petite and adorable” are the most common compliments to this awesome beauty young girl. She likes to hear music and likes to talk about any theme that keep you happy. Her mind is a terrific weapon to make anything come true. Even your most wild dreams. She is 5’ 2” 110 Lb. Call 646-838-0411.

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We have a hot new model who is a rock-star in beauty and customer care. She is 4’9” 110 Lb., rock solid gorgeous body and well-equipped anywhere you look. Call and prebook to see the gorgeous Jill. She's a delightful mix of Hawaiian and Asian beauty. Call: 646-838-0411.


Double D Model. A flamboyant natural gorgeous blonde, a spark of life that never runs out of fun. Natural talker, killer body and an excellent pleaser that will make you feel you know each other for years. A quite bubbly personality will never allow for boring or down times. With Amber you will never feel the time, she’s that kind of person! Call 646-838-0411.


A Latin bombshell garnished with array of extreme beauty features and unbelievable talents to amuse you the whole night (or day) away. You won’t believe your eyes when she arrives to your place, her hot Latin beauty is undeniably attractive. You won’t be disappointed and JB will be your favorite instantaneously. Call to schedule a meeting with JB at 646-838-0411.


An All American Natural gorgeous lady, ready to spark a happy conversation and make your time the most enjoyable and fun. She as sweet as accommodating to the subject/s you want to discuss, or she can just make you feel right and happy by her sole charming presence. Call 646-838-0411.


Irish-Italian Gorgeous model. Call 646-838-0411.


Brazilian gorgeous model. Call 646-838-0411.


Call 646-838-0411.






Candy Olivia Natalia
Nadia Kelly Tatiana Jill Amber JB Daisy Lexi Jessica Anna Bianca Paola

Lexi will make your day brighter and your night shine like a second moon. She has all the spicy to fire you up even when you're really down. Her Irish-Italian mix will show you the best of both worlds, she's educated and well mannered. In a business diner or gala event Lexi will make you the most admired man in the place. Call 646-838-0411.

Servicing Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn , Staten Island, Long Island, NJ & CT


Servicing Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn , Staten Island, Long Island, NJ & CT

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Call 646-838-0411.

Call 646-838-0411.

Call 646-838-0411.

Call 646-838-0411.

Call 646-838-0411.